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As a hybrid photographer, I photograph Vancouver weddings with a mix of reliable, high resolution digital images and creamy, fine art film photos. This gives you both mediums, which is something you’ll appreciate — trust me!

In addition to classic wedding photography, you’ll find family portraits, maternity photos, and even brand photography. I believe in serving my clients throughout their journey — be it an engaged couple, new parents, or business owners.

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Photos by Ana Douglas shot for Christine Pienaar 

Photos by Ana Douglas shot for Christine Pienaar 

The afternoon sunshine in California, the windy sand dunes in South Africa, the lush, green jungle in northern Thailand… my travels inspire me to create imagery that is just as rich in beauty. And even when I’m here in Vancouver, the smell of salt water and the west coast breeze grounds me.

Naturally, I incorporate these elements into my work as a Vancouver wedding photographer. The ocean, the dunes, the sunshine — they're all modern, yet rich in culture and tradition. Your photos deserve the same prestige and awe-inspiring details.

A style influenced by travel...

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