About Ana Douglas Photography

Wedding Photographer in Vancouver

I’m a fine art wedding photographer in Vancouver, influenced by travel and classic traditions. I adore connecting with my clients, documenting their moments with sincerity. 

I can’t wait to get to know you, too! I want to learn all about what makes you tick on a personal level. We’ll talk about your family, your likes and dislikes, and of course, how you met, before we even touch the subject of your wedding.

I believe that I need to know you, in order to photograph you.

Celebrate life's biggest moments with meaningful photography.

I was swept away by the fine art aesthetics of photography five years ago when I picked up my first professional DSLR camera. As someone who values personal connections, creativity, and trust, becoming a wedding photographer in Vancouver came naturally to me.

I love natural light and capturing meaningful moments for my clients, whether that's the groom laying eyes on his bride walking down the aisle, mom helping with the final touches, the invitations the bride herself lovingly made, or candid moments between guests.

I approach all of my photography with a fine art, classical style, and have an immense appreciation for natural light and soft, dreamy landscapes. I use a mix of digital and film photography to capture timeless images.

Wedding Photographer in Vancouver

I'm Ana!

I live in the heart of Vancouver with my husband where we enjoy eating sushi, walking our corgi, and exploring all that the west coast has to offer.

I love photographing Vancouver weddings and PNW elopements, but I’m available for luxurious destination weddings too. Contact me here for more details.

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other thoughts i want to share with you

Once we meet over coffee, I’ll spend every minute learning about you. But, seeing as we might just be spending a good amount of time together, here are a few things to note about me.


My husband, Reid, and I travel a lot. I like using elements discovered from my travels as creative inspiration, fusing it with my photography work to create a classic style.


I cherish connecting with friends and others in the wedding industry. I value 1:1 time and enjoy networking, be it in person or on Instagram.


I love to read — everything from magazines to editorials and op-eds.


In my spare time, I enjoy sewing and baking. (I've begun sewing clothes for my entire family.)


We have a corgi named Oshie. Being from the west coast, we named her after a special sushi roll named "oshi" – it means pressed and compact, which is exactly how I'd describe a corgi!

Is it time to learn about you yet?

Let’s grab coffee, tea, or cake (your choice!) and talk all about you and your wedding plans.